We have a wide range of content options available including; Move123 Exercise Videos, Mind123 Wellness Education Sessions & Move123 Silver Senior Exercise Videos. These videos are delivered in bite sized durations with 5, 10, 20 & 30 minute options from Move123, and 3, 6, 9 & 12 minute Mind123 options. Each library has a range of collections to choose from meaning there is something for everyone.

Move123 Exercise & Movement Library

Our Move123 library offers 3,000+ classes, each class is delivered by the world’s best instructors in inspiring and unique locations. Our library covers 10 collections, ranging from low intensity exercise classes such as Yoga, Stretch, Pilates, Meditation and Breathe through to high intensity exercise classes such as Cardio, Fight, Strength, Barre and Dance.

Move123 Silver Movement Library

Our Move team are passionate about the benefits of moving more throughout all stages of life. Our team of experts have created our innovative Move123 Silver library which focuses on moving more later in life. Our Move123 Silver Library consists of 500+ classes across a variety of 9 collections, that focus on movement and mobility and have been carefully designed for our older population to aid in ageing actively and with confidence.

Mind123 Wellness Library

Our Mind123 library offers 1,000+ videos delivered by the world’s best experts to offer an extensive library of high quality, innovative and educational content. Our collections cover a broad range of health, fitness and wellness topics aimed to educate, motivate, encourage, challenge and inspire the user. Each session is delivered in bite size chunks which break down complex topics in an easily digestible manner.