Retirement & Active Aging

Wellness Solutions provides innovative products and offerings that are designed specifically for our aging population. These allow any type of facility to offer a unique, tailored and age appropriate wellness solution.

Our offerings are focused on movement and wellness later on in life whilst our wide range of innovative products focus on movement and mobility, with our Move123 Silver exercise videos carefully designed to aid in aging actively and with confidence.

We work with a wide range of Retirement, Residential and Community facilities who wish to provide a wellness offering for the 65+ audience. See all of our clients here.

At present we have an aging population with people that are living and working longer than ever. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has never been as important, or as achievable, as it is now.

Our Retirement & Active Aging Offerings

Move123 Silver Exercise Videos

  • Our age-specific Move123 Silver Exercise Video Collection of 500+ classes to encourage movement and mobility have been carefully designed for our older population to aid in aging actively and with confidence
  • Virtual exercise videos open new areas of opportunities and can be accessed in a dedicated room or at home. Classes are often less intimating, available in small bite size chunks of 5, 10 or 20 minute durations and offer age appropriate movements, including the options of seated and chair based movements
  • Our classes are led by well known instructors and have years of industry experience. Our world class experts deliver exercises and movements in a relatable, supportive and encouraging manner.
  • Each of our classes from our 9 different collections can be enjoyed either seated, using a chair for assistance or free-standing. There's also floor work options available for a more active workout.
  • Our Silver Exercise Videos are suitable for those new to movement, the lifetime exercisers and those somewhere in between. Classes are centered around low impact activity focusing on movement and mobility. They encourage healthy aging and produce long-term health benefits.

Mind123 Wellness Education Videos

  • Our Mind123 Wellness Education Library of 1,000+ podcast-type videos cover a broad range of health, exercise and wellness topics aimed to educate, motivate, encourage , challenge and inspire the user.
  • Our library offers a range of age appropriate video content across 6 different collections including Health, Nutrition, Beauty, Self, Wealth and Relationships.
  • The short 3, 6, 9, and 12 minute sessions are easy to understand and cover important issues such as loneliness and relationships.
  • Some examples of content for our aging audience includes the "Getting Started" series which explains complex topics like nutrition in an easy to understand format. Other topics include; "How to stay motivated", "The benefits of moving later in life", "How to improve memory", "The emotional toll of chronic pain and how to manage it", "The benefits of social interaction for positive aging" and "Habits for a health heart for 70+".

Innovative Wellness Products

  • We also offer a range of Innovative Wellness Products that focus on movement and recovery that offer both short term and long term health and wellness benefits.
  • Wellness Products include; the world's first and only breathing chair, massage products, recovery pods¬†and more!