Wellness Solutions provides innovative products and offerings that allow shopping centres and retail spaces to provide customers and residents a greater enhanced experience and wellness option.

Retail trade is becoming more challenging in today’s online shopping environment. Customers need something more than just the traditional retail setting, they want an experience. This is where Wellness Solutions can help. 

Wellness Solutions is helping to redefine the traditional shopping experience by  providing the tools for full immersive wellness experiences, wellness lounges and an enhanced, more fulfilled community.

We work with a wide range of Shopping & Retail facilities who wish to provide a complete wellness offering for their customers as well as their staff.. See all of our clients here.

Our Retail Offerings

  • Wellness Lounges: providing a place for people to connect, relax and recover, and work on their overall wellbeing. These lounges include immersive studios for movement and relaxation, wellness pods, communal areas plus much more. Take a look below at some of our wellness lounge examples.
  • Innovative Wellness Pods: including the world’s first Breathing Chair - the O2 Chair, the Ultimate Recovery Chair, Meditation Pods, Infrared Saunas and Massage Products. These pods provide an additional experience for your customers, as well as providing you with opportunities for secondary revenue. 
  • Large Scale Advertising Screens: we specialise in LED Display Screens that are high quality, cost effective and can be used in a variety of applications such as Advertising Displays, Immersive Experiences, Retail Shop Front Displays & much more.

Example Wellness Lounges