Residential complexes

In today’s market, the more in-demand residential developments are those that are providing more than a living space; they are providing innovative experiences for their residents.

Residents are increasingly seeking a sense of community through shared spaces, health and fitness activities and wellbeing experiences, both in communal areas and within the four walls of their own homes.

This is where Wellness Solutions comes in, with innovative, easy-to-install and maintain wellness concepts and solutions that can be bespoked around the needs and interests of your residents. The goal: to provide options that empower your residents to enhance their wellbeing at a time and place that suits them.

It’s about making wellness flexible and accessible.

Whether you have a designated space for wellness, a dual-use room, communal areas – or even no space at all! – we can help.

Offer your residents something more today. See all of our satisfied clients here!

Our residential complex offerings

  • Wellness fit-outs & lounges that cost-effectively transform any space into a premium, multi-functional wellness space. This includes conversions of existing facilities; anything from current studios, conference rooms, sports courts and more.
  • In-home or studio exercise and wellness videos designed for flexibility. Over 3,000 Move123 exercise videos and 1,000 wellness education videos created by the world’s best experts in their fields.
  • Innovative Wellness Pods including the O2 Chair – the world’s first breathing & meditation chair; recovery chair, infrared sauna and wellness accessories. Space- and cost-effective; these pods can be added to any communal area or designated wellness space.

Wellness Solutions allows you to offer residents flexible wellness options