Wellness Pods

Wellness is what you achieve, not specifically what you do. We will each have our own wellbeing journey and destination.

 This is reflected in Wellness Solutions’ unique ecosystem of products and services; each purposely built with wellbeing in mind.

Our wellness pods are versatile, user friendly, and a cost-effective way to bring wellness into any space. With a Wellness Solutions wellness pod you can achieve 24/7 wellness experience; at home, at work, at leisure.

Wellness Pods

Breathing & Meditation Chair

The world's first breathing & meditation chair - the O2 Chair.

Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna uses infrared heat technology for a total body and mind detox.

Recovery Chair

The Recovery Chair is the perfect body and mind recovery balance.

Wellness Accessories

Customisable yoga mats, yoga mat bags, tote bags and more.