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Wellness Solutions provides innovative products and services that allow companies to present employees a tailored, uncomplicated, seamless health and wellbeing solution.

Our goal: to make wellbeing achievable and accessible for all, providing intuitive tools that even those new to wellness feel comfortable and confident in using, and with it turning wellness into something that’s quick and easy to incorporate every day.

Whether you already have a designated wellness space, want to transform an area or need at-desk or on-the-go options, we have the solution for you.

WeWork, ANZ Head Office, Kafnu, Fora and Future Human Offices are just some of the clients we’ve helped find a wellbeing solution. See more of our clients here!

Do you want to improve employee acquisition, engagement & retention?

Are you looking for hassle free and innovative ways to add health & wellbeing programs to your workplace?

Do you want to reduce stress levels & increase productivity?

Our corporate & workplaces offerings

  • Exercise and movement video libraries with over 3,000 Move123 classes by world class instructors in breath-taking locations. Classes covered include meditation, stretching and yoga for desk-sitters. These videos are great for designated wellness spaces, and as at-desk or on-the-go options.
  • Wellness education video libraries with over 1,000 Mind123 sessions covering different lifestyle topics from experts in their field. Topics covered include dealing with stress, professional relationships and time management. These videos are great as at-desk or on-the-go options.
  • Wellness fit-outs that cost-effectively transform any space into a premium, multi-functional wellness space. Transform a boardroom into a dedicated wellness space. Our unique concept - the ZenDen Recovery Room is a place for employees to try a range of Breathe, Meditation and Stretch classes in short duration.
  • Innovative Wellness Pods proven to help reduce stress and improve productivity including the O2 Chair – the world’s first breathing & meditation chair, recovery chair and infrared sauna.
  • Multi-use LED display screens that are high-quality, cost-effective and versatile, suitable for a variety of applications from meeting rooms to immersive studios.

Why focus on workplace wellness

Because when people are thriving at work they are:

Source: The Wellbeing Lab 2018 Workplace Survey, The State of Wellbeing in Australian Workplaces – The Wellbeing Lab and AHRI

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