About Us

  • Wellness Solutions was founded by Wellness Entrepreneur, Tony de Leede.  

  • Tony spent 35+ years at the forefront of the health, wellness and fitness industry.  

  • His vision was to curate the perfect collection of wellness products and services.

The Wellness Solutions ecosystem consists of three key areas:

Wellness Spaces

  • Transform any area into a wellness space
  • View our 40sqm to 400+sqm designs for inspiration
  • Custom options available for any size room 

Wellness Pods

  • Versatile, user friendly and cost-effective 
  • Reduce stress, improve sleep and enhance performance
  • Wellness pods and mini massagers to suit every need

Wellness Videos

  • Movement and exercise videos plus wellness education talks
  • Bite size durations from 3 to 30 minutes 
  • Multiple streaming options available

Who we work with

Our clients