About Us

Wellness is a word we see everywhere these days, but what does it mean?

At Wellness Solutions, we believe wellness is about quality of life. It’s about living well for longer and feeling truly alive in mind, body and spirit.

Whether you’re a health club or a retirement village, a corporation, retail space or hotel, Wellness Solutions can help you open the door to wellness in an appealing, accessible, intimidation- and hassle-free way.

By harnessing our unique portfolio of products and expertise, you can create a truly world-class wellness solution: anywhere, any time, for any audience, however large or small your business.

Our wellness ethos

Wellness is what you achieve, not specifically what you do. We will each have our own wellbeing journey and destination.

This is reflected in Wellness Solutions’ unique ecosystem of products and services, which spans Five Pillars of Wellness to support every individual through their own personal journey.

Our wellness ecosystem

  •  Innovative Wellness Pods including the O2 Chair – the world’s first breathing and meditation chair; the recovery chair; infrared sauna; and wellness accessories.
  •  Move123– a movement and exercise video library of over 3,000 classes delivered by world class experts, across 10 collections
  •  Move123 Silver – a movement and exercise library of over 1,000 videos, designed specifically to promote and support ageing actively and with confidence
  •  Mind123 – a wellness education video library, with over 1,000 sessions covering a wide range of wellness lifestyle topic
  •  Wellness Lounges & Fit Outs that cost-effectively transform any space into a premium, multi-functional wellness space
  •  Multi-use LED display screens that are high-quality, cost-effective and versatile, suitable for a variety of applications
  • Customisable Wellness Extras such as yoga mats and tote bags

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